The essence of living.

Clavon is a minimalist interpretation of modern living. From contemplative landscapes to chic interiors, Clavon is a return to the essence of living. It is here that you will find calm, clarity and comfort.

Journey into Nature
Arrive home to nature and leave the stresses of the day behind. The design of the drop-off plaza is reminiscent of a resort, with elements of nature and water to soothe your senses.

Luscious Gardens
The lush landscape is spread across two levels, with terraced gardens and cascading waterfalls. Surrounded by nature, you can breathe easy and relax.

Beckoning Nature
Rediscover the restorative wonders of nature amidst beautiful landscapes.

Intimate Surroundings
The lower level has a series of cosy and private spaces. Reconnect with yourself, and those around you, in an edenesque, serene setting.

A thoughtfully curated range of facilities at Clavon not only lets you re-centre, rejuvenate, and regain clarity, but makes for special moments to spend with your loved ones and nourish important relationships.

Delightful Entertainment Settings
Host a brunch or dinner with friends and family. The function rooms are equipped with kitchens and appliances, with captivating views that look out to nature.

Choose a cosy setting to celebrate birthdays and other occasions with close kin.

Or if you prefer, a more formal setting to wine and dine special guests.

Well-Balanced Lifestyle
A suite of thoughtfully curated facilities lets you enjoy a well-balanced lifestyle with absolute clarity and focus. New technology and features also ensure that your environment is kept clean and safe for complete peace of mind.

Refreshing Moments
Feel re-energised as you immerse in the 50-metre infinity pool. After an invigorating swim, relax by the poolside, to the rhythms of lapping water and rustling leaves.

Kids’ Play
The kids’ play area is on the lower level, where the little ones have a pool and playground all to themselves.

Seamless Technology
No detail goes unnoticed in making your everyday even more enjoyable and convenient.

Innovative technology and features let you work and live in a clean and safe environment.

The spaces that we craft, can in turn shape the way we live. Every home comes with a practical layout, as well as smart and safe features to make everyday living a pleasure.

Your Private Enclave
Simplicity can make life feel enriched and purposeful. Let your home be a canvas to express yourself freely and a beloved repository of your beautiful experiences.

Smart Control in Your Home
Smart Mirror
• Control your smart home devices via app or voice
• Answer call when a visitor is calling
• Search for cooking recipes
• Listen to music
• Available for DP1 & type E1 only

Smart Gateway with Built-in Camera
• Manage your smart devices
• Remote surveillance
• 2-Way audio communication
• Motion detection
• Video recording

Smart Aircon Control
• On/off, set temperature, fan speed and mode
• Time scheduling

Smart Plug
• Set time schedule to turn on/off your appliances Digital Door Lock Set
• Unlock door via fingerprint, pin code, mobile app, mechanical key and access card

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